The Global Network for Health in All Policies (GNHiAP) governance model is based on a multi-stakeholder engagement with the aim of ensuring effective coordination and tangible outputs. GNHiAP is managed by the Executive Committee and all committee members work pro bono.

GNHiAP Executive Committee (ExCom)

When the GNHiAP was launched in 2017, it was managed by the Executive Committee with the supervision of a transitional Steering Committee responsible for setting the direction for and overseeing the implementation of the Network. In 2019, the Steering Committee was abolished, and the Executive Committee (ExCom) became the main structure to support the Network’s work.

The composition of the ExCom should not exceed six members, covering 6 different institutional sectors.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Setting the direction for and overseeing the activities of the GNHiAP
  • Advocating for and mobilizing political support for the mission and activities of GNHiAP, including the expansion of the network
  • Developing the workplan and monitoring its progress
  • Producing annual reports for the recording of activities and communication purposes
  • Convening and attending regular teleconference meetings, at least 8 times a year (every 6 weeks)
  • Coordinating and facilitating the exchanges with the network’s members and the work of technical working groups
  • Representing and giving a voice to the network


The Chairperson is a member of the ExCom and is appointed mainly based on his/her commitment to HiAP, and also because of his/her international recognition and good connections to stakeholders. The term of service of the Chairperson is 3 years.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Conducting and chairing the ExCom meetings and other meetings
  • Chairing the ExCom and facilitating consistency of work
  • Leading the fundraising and advocacy for GNHiAP and its activities

Currently, the chairperson of the Network is Horacio Arruda.


The GNHiAP Secretariat is nominated by the ExCom to support the work of the Network and of the Chairperson.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Supporting the Chairperson, the ExCom, and the technical working groups
  • Coordinating GNHiAP activities
  • Ensuring communication between members and the EXCOM and among member

Network members

Role and Responsibilities

  • Commitment to use HiAP approach to achieve SDGs
  • Contribution of in-kind or financial resources to support the work of the Network.

Each member commits to three years term. Membership is automatically renewed at the end of the term.

Technical Working Group (TWG)

When deemed necessary and appropriate, GNHiAP members can request the establishment of a technical working group (TWG) in line with the GNHiAP workplan. The TWG will be endorsed by the Executive Committee and dissolved when the task is completed.


Chart for Technical Working Group workplan.

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