HiAP Experience

Several major WHO areas of work are advocating for action on health determinants, each with varying degrees of explicit reference to HiAP. WHO provides a set of aligned international health frameworks for anchoring national HiAP work including: the Social Determinants of Health Action Framework (2016); the Shanghai Declaration on Promoting Health (2016) and Shanghai Mayors’ Consensus (2016); the Universal Health Coverage 2030 Vision (2017), the Health and Climate Action Agenda (2016) and OneHealth.

In practice this means engaging in several different actions, including:

  • Coordination support to a networks of trainers implementing the WHO Training Manual on Health in All Policies in countries, regions and WHO programmes (hiaptraining.org);
  • Supporting and implementing workshops for improving the skills of government policy-makers, programme leaders and health provider groups to ensure coherence across sectors in policies, services and programmes responding to disadvantaged groups’ needs; and
  • Supporting dissemination of information on intersectoral governance for determinants of health equity and exchange of evaluated case studies through an intersectoral action database (Intersectoral Action Case Study Database for Health Equity (ISACS).