Advocacy activates relate to GNHiAP presence at key events globally and regionally to explore opportunities for network expansion, as well as reaching to high level members representatives (Ministers of Health, President etc) to advocate for the network.

Network Members

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Capacity Building

Capacity building activities relate to maping existing training programs and materials, as well as creating new generic training materials which should be adapted to all levels and different stakeholders. Also the network will provide mentorship for peered learning-teaching both theory  and practical learning, aiming to become a gate keeper for quality control of HiAP training.

Operational Guidance

The operational guidance relates to creating a platform for presenting and discussing HiAP tools for commentary and endorsement.

Global Status Report

Global HiAP Status Report would be a first GNHiAP global product. Activites related to this task are first to establish working group to develop initial criteria for selection of status report and alignment with health determinants and SDGs. The report conducting and publishing time line is three years. The summary is now available here.

Linkages to SDGs monitoring

This activity relates to a need for reporting system, not necessary quantitative and looking principle of policy coherence, but producing intervention evidence indicator comparison of relationship between health determinants and SDG. Also the network is aiming to create research fund for member country prioritizing action on health determinants and HiAP.