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The Global Network for Health in All Policies (GNHiAP) is a country-led initiative, which mission is to work with various stakeholders to address the determinants of health, by strengthening the Health in All Policies (HiAP) approach, with an aim to support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and Universal Health Coverage.

The GNHiAP was launched by the governments of Sudan, Finland and Thailand, the Province of Québec, and the State of South Australia during the 70th World Health Assembly in May 2017.

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GNHiAP Member Map

Featured Webinars

Screenshot from videoLa Santé dans toutes les politiques au Québec : Travailler de manière intersectorielle pour promouvoir la santé et l’équité (French Version)
30 janvier 2023

Ce webinaire visait à partager l’expérience du Québec dans la mise en œuvre de sa Politique gouvernementale de prévention en santé, une politique qui s’inspire d’une approche de SdTP.
Screenshot from videoHealth in All Policies in Québec: Working Across Sectors to Promote Health and Equity (English Version)
January 30, 2023

This webinar shared the experience of Québec in implementing its Politique gouvernementale de prévention en santé (Government Policy for Health Prevention), a policy inspired by a HiAP approach.
Screenshot from videoPublic Health Partner Authorities: An Example of Health in All Policies Governance in Practice
September 28, 2022

This presentation aimed to share South Australia’s experience in implementing Public Health Partner Authorities, drawing on the principles and processes of the state’s HiAP approach.