Case studies and lessons learned
Case Study Book: Progressing the Sustainable Development Goals through Health in All Policies: Case studies from around the world, (WHO, 2017)
Practising a health in all policies approach: lessons for universal health coverage and health equity (WHO, 2013)
Demonstrating a health in all policies analytic framework for learning from experiences (WHO, 2013)
Moving towards health in all policies: a compilation of experience from Africa, South-East Asia and the Western Pacific (WHO, 2013)
Health in all policies: report on perspectives and intersectoral actions in the African Region  (WHO, 2013)
Database on Intersectoral Action for Health Equity (ISACS)

Training materials
Health in all policies training manual
Health in All Policies Trainers platform –

Implementation tools
Health in All Policies: Framework for Country Action (WHO, 2014)
Health in All Policies: Health in All Policies: A Guide for State and Local Government (Public Health Institute and American Public Health Association, 2013)
Health in All Policies a Framework for State Health Leadership (Association of State and Territorial Health Officials-astho)
New Health in All Policies Evaluation Guidance Can Help Local Health Departments Looking to Conduct HiAP Assessments (National Association of County and City Health Officials-NACCHO, 2021)
Glossary for the implementation of Health in All Policies (Freiler et al., 2013)
Health in All Policies: From rethoric to implementation and evaluation-the Finnish experience (Ståhl, 2018)