GNHiAP governance is based on a multi-stakeholder engagement with the aim of ensuring effective coordination and tangible outputs. GNHiAP is managed by the Executive Committee with supervision of the Steering Committee. All committee members work pro bono.

GNHiAP Steering Committee

The composition of the GNHiAP Steering Committee should not exceed 14 – 18 persons, representing all different institutional entities of the network. The Steering Committee members serve the term of three years (the current term is from 2018 – 2020).

Role and responsibilities

  • Set the direction and perform an oversight function in the implementation of GNHiAP
  • Advocate and mobilise political support for the mission and activities of GNHiAP, including the expansion of the network members
  • Be responsible of treasury, including seeking funds and mobilizing resources for GNHiAP activities
  • Meet on a regular basis at least twice a year via teleconference meeting.
  • Select and appoint the Executive Committee
  • Represent and be the voice of the network


GNHiAP Executive Committee (ExCom)

GNHiAP Ex Com provides leadership and performs a secretariat function under the supervision of Steering Committee. The composition of ExCom members is not more than six, covering different instituional entities. One of the members is the Chair of the Steering Committee. The ExCom members are elected from the Steering Committee members to serve the term of three years (the current term is from 2018 – 2020).

Role and Responsibilities

  • Develop the workplan and budget
  • Monitor the progress of the workplan as approved by the Steering Committee
  • Produce an annual report for a record of activities and for communication purposes
  • Coordinate and facilitate the Steering Committee, network’s members and technical working groups
  • Serve as the Secretariat


Network members

Role and Responsibilities

  • Commit to use HiAP approach to achieve SDGs
  • Contribute in-kind or in-cashfinance to support the work of the GNHiAP network


Each member commits to three years term. Membership is automatically renewed at the end of the term.

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